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Social Media Manager

Main responsibilities include managing and posting of content generated from events and graphic designer. Content will include graphics, photos, videos, and sharing of content appropriate post we are tag in. Postings schedule will be 3 days a week during off season and everyday during award season, ex. voting, podcasts submissions, tickets, deadlines reminders and all related awards announcements. Duties will also include responding to and engaging with followers to increase presence on social media and market research to develop strategies to increase our brand growth. The Social Media Manager will work closely with the graphic designer, photographer and videographer. Platforms managed are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Main responsibilities include creating a cohesive look via graphics that will establish who we are as a brand. Graphic content creation will include promotion of the award show, events, host(s), Columbus podcasts, voting, podcasts submission, interactive content such as polls, questions and tips. Duties also include producing a sufficient amount of original content for the Social Media Manager during off seasons and award seasons. As the graphic designer you will work closely with the social media manager, photographers and videographers. 

Graphic Designer
Photographers & Videographers 

Main responsibilities include capturing high quality photos and footage of all Columbus Podcast Awards events. Schedule will be event based. Editing of footage and photos are a plus if able to do so. Photographers and Videographers are expected to have a turn around of 7 days after event(s) to give all images and videos to the social media manager and graphic designer so they can began to do what they do. Photographers and Videographers will work closely with event organizers, social media manager and graphic desinger. 

Administrative Assistant 

Main responsibilities include creating and managing spreadsheets, sending and responding to emails, tracking podcasts submissions, ticket sales and all other Columbus Podcast Awards administrative duties. 


Main responsibilities as the blog writer(s) are to contribute blogs that relate to genre of podcasting. Examples would be, starting a podcast, podcasting equipment, marketing for podcasts, etc. Writers are also expected to contribute blogs related to the Columbus, Ohio podcast scene. All bloggers are given full creativity and will receive byline.

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